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My transformational journey

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Jeshika Lamsal

“Umm Daddy can I just stay at home, I don’t like going out,” fifteen-year-old me, who looked for new excuses not to go out. However, a mail changed my life and the way I thought the world was! The world of advanced technology, competition, social media, and the Kardashian family isn’t miserable but the way these things are taken has a misconception today.

In the past, reading, spending time with family, eating, cooking, and watching shows were everything for me; however, being a single child of my parents, I am a straightforward introvert.

May 5, 2019, was the day when an unexpected happened and it changed me. Family, friendship, love, sisters, girls, makeup, life skills, inner beauty, outer beauty, and the importance of your existence— all that I learned in three days.

On May 5, 2019, an email where that said “Your daughter has been nominated as the candidate who may…… this is her invitation to an open call for the National American Miss” also the first email I got in my life. I still remember I was so hopeful, the moment I saw my name in the mail the blissfulness drove me insane. Picturing the time, makes me feel special even today, “Daddy I got nominated as a candidate to take part in National American Miss”. My whole family was truly delighted.

It is the 21st century, the time of Google, and  National American Miss (NAM) was all I searched that day. Getting to know “National American Miss is one of the best organizations in the country for girls to learn public speaking skills, interviewing skills, and becoming confident in who they are! I was exciting and it was a challenge for me. NAM since 2013 and has been the best experience! To everyone, as, the directions I filled up the online form and set up my first open call in “Westin Galleria Dallas”.

On the open call day, I went there and learned how to attend interviews, ramp walk, meet new friends, and meet my queen sisters. The first business interview I had in an official manner and I anticipated, if I would be selected or not.

My anticipation ended on May 18 when I got a call confirming that I was selected for the competition. Tears of happiness run down my cheek and I told the good news to my parents. Then, on June 2, I participated in another workshop. Participating in the beauty pageant helped me learn new information where I reached up to the final round and became the first runner-up National American Miss Junior 2019.

During this competition, I learned how to speak effectively in a microphone and how to confidently and professionally present myself on stage. I grabbed the lifelong skill of introducing myself and speaking on stage to a live audience.

All the contestants had 30 seconds to introduce themselves on stage in front of the judges and the audience, saying their name, hometown, where they see themselves in the future or something interesting about themselves.

The key thing I took from NAM is also, that inner beauty is something you produce within yourself and outer beauty is something you already have so make yourself so strong that your inner beauty beats your outer beauty.

Jeshika National American Miss Junior Texas state finalist 2019, 11 grade in Coppell High School Texas.