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July 18, 2024, Thursday
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The appeal of famous actor conservationist Leonardo to protect the “Lumbasumba area” of Sankhuwasabha, a biologically diverse area of ​​Nepal

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Khabarmala Team

World-renowned actor and conservationist Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio has called for the preservation of Nepal’s oldest and historically important biodiversity cultural heritage. Emphasizing the need to protect the world’s rarest areas from his social network Instagram with 62 million followers and Facebook page with 19 million followers, he emphasized the need to stop illegal hydropower road construction that is being built in such areas.

Snow leopards, endangered red pandas, and various herbs are found in the Lumba Sumba area of ​​the Sankhuwasabha district. Chujud, Chunjam, and Bakham rivers are religiously sacred rivers of the Lhomi Simma and Bhote tribes among the most marginalized indigenous tribes of Nepal, and emphasized that the construction of dams that are being built in such places should be stopped.

It is said that the local people have to produce medicinal herbs and protect their places of religious importance and have requested the Nepal government to stop any kind of construction work in such places. The Lumba Samba Biological Cultural Heritage Special Protection Area Act, implemented by the local government in 2020, prohibits the construction of hydropower, roads, and mines in such areas.

Therefore, Leonardo has asked the Nepal government and related parties to stop the construction process and protect this place on earth, Lumbasumba, which is important for conservation. In terms of the environment, Nepal is a piece of heaven. That’s why environmentalists put a lot of emphasis on protecting Nepal’s environment. The world’s big environmentalists or organizations are fascinated by Nepal’s environmental diversity as well as biological diversity.

At this time, the world-famous American actor and film producer Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio raised the issue of the protection of Nepal in his social network. Because he had visited Nepal once, he was fascinated by Nepal’s environmental diversity. His words clearly show that he has a great interest in Nepal’s environment and biological diversity. If the extremely rare area is destroyed by destroying the world’s important biological diversity, one can make a general estimate of how the hydro mafia destroyed the entire Kanchenjunga conservation area. More than 13 hydro dams are under construction in the Tamor, Ghunsa, Yangma, Simbua, and Kabeli rivers within the conservation area of ​​Kanchenjunga. Which is a conservation area of ​​Nepal, where wild animals and rare plants are found which are disappearing from the world. : facebook link

Not only that, because of caste, there is a possibility of the escape of wild animals like black bears, hares, musk deer, snow leopards etc. It is a serious issue to allow the government to build high-power instead of protecting such a protected area, which has caught the eyes of the world. Despite the widespread opposition of the local people, it seems that Nepal will be defamed in the international world if the construction of hydropower and infrastructure is not stopped in time with the involvement of politicians and government employees. If we promote tourism in the world market by preserving such rare places, then on the one hand, the environment of Nepal will be preserved, on the other hand, the local language and culture will be preserved and the income will be huge. Leonardo is an American actor and film producer.

Leonardo, who won many world-famous awards, is the hero of the world-famous film Titanic. Leonardo is also an environmentalist who works in the field of environment. He praised the country for Nepal’s achievements in the Leonardo tiger conservation. Once he visited Nepal and observed the Bardiya National Park and took pictures of tigers there. Leonardo is very active in biodiversity conservation, ocean and forest conservation, and climate change.

His own Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation has helped and supported more than 35 innovative conservation projects around the world that protect fragile ecosystems and key species. He has 61.8 million followers on Instagram, 19 million followers on Facebook, and 18.9 million followers on Twitter. They insist on protecting the environment first because people can be saved only by protecting the environment on Earth.